Saturday, June 14, 2014

Been out sick

Sorry to have been away a while. I was dealing with a couple different situations. All better now. I have noticed that since my surgery my immune system is horrible. I have no defenses against viruses and bacteria. Most recently was strep throat in June. Not exactly the peak of the season for that but nontheless, what I was dealing with. It kind of turned into a fiasco trying to get diagnosed and treated. Then I had an issue with the first medication. I am happy to report, the second one worked well, despite there being a 10% chance of being allergic to it. I am beyond thankful at this point to be well. It was a rough and long couple of weeks.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Coconut Oil

I was posed a posed yesterday while standing in the checkout line at Costco. What do you do with that?

A legitimate question. My answer was as follows, I cook with it, fry with it, make gravy, use it in sweets, and on my skin. I also make homemade flour tortillas
I finished by telling her that I use it from the inside out. What do you do Coconut Oil?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


At week 5 I was crying "Uncle" and begging my doctor for some help with hot flashes. I thought I would be around 50 before I would have to deal with this issue. Instead I was 34, a hot melty mess. I was prescribed both Estrogen and Progesterone after being diagnosed as being peri-menopause. EEK!!! Progesterone helps with night flashes (I was sweating through my night clothes and bedding) and the Estrogen was to help with the hot sweats during the day (I was sweating through all my clothes). After a trial period, I had my Estrogen pill dose upped to better fit my needs. Then after a period of a couple months, I became aware (thanks to my husband's bluntness) that I was sad. Sad, and crying, and hot. I called my Dr and asked if it was normal to get depressed after a Hysterectomy and menopause. Of course!!! Thanks for letting me know....I just thought I was losing my mind. So then here came the fourth prescription. However, I let my Dr. know that I was only going to be on this medication temporarily. I was advised that I would only need the medication for a period of between six and twelve months.

I can happily update this now. I am 1 year and about 8 months out from surgery. I am still on HRT. Happy to be so. Actually if I had faith that I could do this without medication, I would. My Dr has told me that any time I want to try to quit the meds to do so. I get freaked out by the hot flashes because when they are bad, there is no focus, no purpose to a day. I will soak through all clothing and end up in a freezing shower to combat it. It sucks! I am also still dealing with dry eyes (thanks to menopause) and am still struggling to wear my contacts more then a few hours in a day, so much so I almost exclusively wear glasses now. So for the time being, I will stick with the HRT. I was able to get off the depression medication after a period of about 8 months. Wahoo!!!! I have been off them for several months and I feel awesome. I was ready to get off them. My emotions stabilized as my body has leveled off. They got me through a really hard time of my life and I'm so grateful that they are there to help when needed. But it was time and I was ready and my Dr helped me get off them. 

So where does this leave me? I gained a few pounds - thank you menopause, depression, and not being able to recover quicker then a year. I have no abdominal muscles. My energy level still fluctuates a lot. My husband's health took a back burner to my health this last year. I have been sick a lot this last year with various colds and flus. It has been rough. But recently I have been working my butt off at the gym and am back in the process to rediscovering my health. I am dragging my husband along with me and hope that you will follow along. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I thought that my path was clear. That I would cruise and live to be 100 and never have any issues. Sometimes there are things that cannot be prevented. Such as a hysterectomy. Not when your uterus is making an exit one way or another. I did all the appropriate things in the 13 days notice I had before surgery. Freaked out, cried, organized, arranged, and made a phone call to ask for an important item. I asked for my mom to take me a green smoothie to my recovery room. I knew that I would need the oxygen rich, super vitamin filled drink to help combat the affects of anesthesia. I did sip it in my hospital room while the machines whirled around me and my pain drip helped keep me from being in excruciating pain. I drank it for the next few weeks when my mom brought a new supply to refill my pitcher. Going into surgery I was cocky because I eat vegan, drink smoothies, and am generally healthy. I thought that recovery would be quick and that I would avoid menopause. Wrong on both accounts.

To be continued.......

Monday, May 13, 2013

Back again

So much has happened since I last posted. I must readily admit, this last year has thrown a ton of challenges our way. A journey to health is an apt name.


1. Allergy season that wouldn't quit. Lots of smoke in the air from fires and pollens.
              Seems to be repeating this year. Not exciting.
2. Was on one medication last year, now on four.
3. Husband has had many health challenges, ending recently with his Dr. telling him that he needs to lose             weight and that he could die at any moment from a heart attack or stroke. Always pleasant to hear(read         sarcasm here).
4. Major surgery for me in September last year.
5. A complete new me. More to come on that.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting back into it

So for the last few days my husband and I have been making a concerted effort to eat healthy. He has not eaten cheese or dairy since Sunday. It is always amusing to me that he will notice that his stomach doesn't hurt when he doesn't eat dairy but as soon as he eats it, his stomach hurts - all the time. I am proud of him for making such an effort. It isn't easy. He also gave up soda since he had slid into the habit of drinking it too much again. Me too. The sad thing is I haven't lost any weight. My husband has already lost two pounds. Yea! I have drank more green smoothies and hot pink smoothie in the last few days then I have in two months. Both of us are waiting anxiously for our energy levels to pick up. I haven't eaten meat in over 10 months now. I do supplement with B12 every now and again. One of a my favorite things to eat on days when I feel I haven't gotten enough protein recently is Seiten. It is a versatile homemade (or store bought) product. I feel like I'm back on track but am careful to remember, it is one step at a time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As with all things that ebb and flow, my smoothie drinking the last couple months has ebbed and now I am staring down the face of a cold for me and my baby girl. The time to step back up to the plate and drink smoothies and juices is back. I can't exactly say why I stopped being faithful to them. I was cruising but then after a couple years of doing it, I burned out. I can't tell you how many bananas have gone bad on my counter or how I try to look to past the half empty one month old bag of Spinach that resides in my fridge. I do know one thing, we are all suffering from the consequences. My husband complains he doesn't feel good, I don't feel great, baby girl got sick for the first time in a long time, I have a cold right now, my son asks for green smoothies and I still can't bring myself to make them. But yesterday I was remembering how nice it was for last year to not have Dr bills and that is something that I don't want back in my life. I owe it to my family to be more supportive and I owe it to myself. So now the time has come for the flow of things to get going again. Hopefully blogging will be part of that.